ABOUT BELVIQ (July 2018)

  Belviq (lorcaserin) is a best-in-class 5HT2c agonist approved for obesity and is designed to avoid the off-target activity (against the 5HT2b receptor) that contributed to the downfall of fenfluramine (fen-phen).  The medical community has been eagerly awaiting the results of a 6-year, 12,000 patient P4 cardiovascular outcome trial (CVOT) and today (July 17, 2018) Eisai released topline results from this trial where it was established that Belviq met its primary safety objective, finding that long-term treatment with BELVIQ does not increase incidence of MACE, defined as cardiovascular death or non-fatal myocardial infarction or non-fatal stroke, in overweight and obese patients at high risk for CV events. With this result, BELVIQ becomes the first- ever weight loss medication approved for chronic weight management to achieve this objective in a dedicated long-term cardiovascular outcome trial.  These results most importantly demonstrates that chronic use of Belviq does not cause the valvular pathology that was associated with the use of the weight loss blockbuster drug fen-phen.   This alone removes a huge impediment that caused many weight loss doctors to be very cautious about prescribing Belviq for weight loss.   In summary todays preliminary results demonstrated:

1)   BELVIQ became the first medicine used for chronic weight control to establish cardiovascular safety per FDA guidelines
2) A reduction in progression to type 2 diabetes in patients without diabetes

3) Improvement in multiple cardiovascular risk factors including beneficial changes in lipid profiles, blood pressure, blood glucose and renal function.

  1. blood lipid profiles improved
  2. blood pressure lowered
  3. blood glucose levels decreased and
  4. improved renal function

We expect the release of additional detailed and positive data from this trial in the coming months that should help establish Belviq as the premier weight loss drug available today and additionally open up the use of Belviq in additional indications (currently under study) for application in smoking cessation, cocaine abuse, opioid abuse and others

 (Please see www.belsuccess.com, where some patients describe having profound weight-loss of over 100 pounds without any side effects.) CVOT results will allow for label expansion to Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) (interim data suggests prevention of progression to T2DM). Arena receives a tiered royalty (9.5–18.5%) from partner Eisai.