How to wash a car? 8 special products for automotive cleaning

How to wash car on your own? How to wash a car without spending excess money? The weekend arrives and car lovers just think of a clean vehicle with a new look.

It is possible to perform the procedures of how to wash your car perfectly. Just invest in the right choices! Know now 8 products that can not be left out of the car wash and also understand tips on how to wash a car.

Meguiars Drying Towel

How to wash a car without scratching the body? There are those who regard the towel as the main secret of how to wash a car, as long as it can absorb with maximum effectiveness. An example of a renowned product is that of Meguiars, known for reducing drying time.

This extra-large towel (55cmX76cm) has the capacity to absorb water twice as much as conventional products, although it has a similar price to competitors. Its texture is made to not generate any risk in the car, in addition to avoid blemishes and keep the shine in the highest style.

Meguiars Wax Shampoo: how to wash a car

Using shampoo with wax is a great tip on how to wash your car perfectly. In addition to removing impurities, the product waxes, that is, consumers spend less time and money to make the car “brand new”. Cleaning and protection with just one application! Super concentrated, yields a lot!

Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer: icing on the cake

How to wash a car and make everything shine? How about finishing the wash with a golden key? With this product the body restores the finish and leaves the vehicle looking new. After receiving the application of this item, the car gains ample resistance against the harmful effects of acid rain, guaranteed protection. Experts always indicate this composition in tips on how to wash a car.

Meguiars Gold Class Liquid Wax

For these and other reasons that Meguiars is the number 1 brand in wax in the United States, the country with the highest consumption power in the world. The secret of this liquid product lies in its special mixture composed of carnauba added with protective polymers, tested and approved according to strict quality standards.

Meguiars Gold Class Endurance Tires Shines

People who want to follow the rules of how to wash a car with quality should never forget their tires. A vehicle with an intense shine to the body and a tire full of dirt or debris that can even anticipate the expiration date is useless. The brand guarantees that the shine remains intense not just a few days, but weeks!

Meguiars Metal and Wheel Polishing Kit

Every day, the technology surprises consumers, including helping drivers with car washing procedures. With this kit it is possible to make tires and wheels shine, after all, the polisher works without problems in metals. Also indicated to restore and increase the durability of tires and wheels. The innovative design allows adaptation to any shape of wheels.

Meguiars Manual Foam Applicator

The foam is also a mystery revealed about how to wash a car without scratching. With this kit, consumers get not only one, but four reusable units (maximum cost-effective!). The polyurethane foam can be used several times, after all there is no problem washing in the machine.

Meguiars Supreme Shine Microfiber Flannel

A flannel always goes well for drying with maximum protection, as long as it has a structure that does not scratch the bodywork. Meguiars flannels deserve special mention due to the technology. In addition to making vehicles shine more intensely, it symbolizes the item indicated for removing sprays, waxes and polishers. Thanks to the flannels, the cars are in perfect condition for waxing. You can get additional details by checking out this link: cleaning products

7 ideas for a sustainable home

More and more commercial enterprises are receiving certifications due to their constructions being classified as sustainable.

This factor brought Brazil to the fourth place in the world ranking in buildings certified as sustainable. However, most of these developments are commercial buildings.

We hear about sustainability and environmentally friendly all the time. But in practice, how much are we actually doing for our planet? 

Today we brought seven ideas for a sustainable home. Check it out and don't forget to leave your comment.


7. Discharge

A poorly regulated valve and there are about thirty liters of water…

The discharge must be an item adapted for a sustainable home.

Your environmentally friendly home should have a box attached for efficient flushing, spending three liters for simpler services and six liters for more complex ones.


6. Water reuse

Rainwater can be our ally when saving for sustainable purposes. Nowadays, it is cheaper to invest in a rainwater collection system.

With just a few gutters and cistern tanks it is already possible to collect, store and use rainwater for gardening or discharges, for example. So reuse the water and use it for things that don't require 100% potable water.


5. Windows

It would be very interesting to make use of large windows. They will leave the environment with a more modern and beautiful face, for sure. And yet, in this case, the more windows, the better.

In addition to assisting in the issue of lighting, they also help to maintain the airy environment, contributing to the circulation and renewal of air in the environment in question. For more helpful ideas and tips check out


4. Awning and sun shade

From outside these windows, bet on an awning or a sun shade. These tools come to help in the fight against heating caused by the direct incidence of sunlight.

Through the use of these techniques, the sun heats the interior of your sustainable home less. You do not need to turn on the air conditioning, which generates more savings.


3. LED lamps

Speaking of economics, forget about incandescent bulbs and retire fluorescent ones. There is no excuse for not lighting the house with lights with LED technology.

The cost-benefit of these lamps is absurd, the durability and efficiency are second to none. They make all the difference in the energy bill at the end of the month.


2. Electronics

You can even avoid and use less electronics in your sustainable home. But it is impossible to live without any electronic technology. 

The way is to buy products that are very efficient in their energy expenditure. Thus, they will spend less energy and deliver a satisfactory result, without letting you down.


1. Solar panels

Another super interesting technology, solar panels are the ball of the day. The investment is still salty, however, in long-term calculations, it pays off. 

Imagine just paying less than 95% of your current energy bill. The secret is to have a solar panel system at your disposal, providing ecologically clean energy.

10 ways to enjoy your vacation without leaving home

The holidays have arrived and, although you are happy that you don't have to go to school, you are also a little desperate, afraid of being bored to death during your days off. After all, the friends will travel, but you will stay at home. But, hey, breathe! Being alone is also fun. To prove this to you, CH recommends you 10 programs that you can do in your free time without having to leave your home. Look that:

1. Reading a whole series of books
Reading a book is easy! How about investing in reading all the books in a series? Harry Potter, Hunger Games ... there are so many out there! In the end, you can still add another fandom to your playlist.

2. Starting a project
It is worth investing in anything that excites you: from starting a blog or channel on Youtube to something more simple and ~ intimate ~ like making a new object to decorate the room. We show you several DIY options here - from decor to clothes!

3. Spa at home
Yeah, girl! Take the day off to apply a moisturizing oil or cream to your hair, exfoliate your body, put a mask on your face and feel like a real diva!

4. Study
WHAT? Studying on vacation? Yeah, sweet, but it doesn't have to be history, physics or chemistry. Calm! The holidays can be perfect for you to stay on top of some subject that you always wanted to explore such as fashion, astrology, cinema and so on ...

5. And even take a course
And if you really enjoy studying something new, it is even worth investing in a course in it, right? But it can also be something more practical like dance lessons or guitar. Think of something you've always wanted to do and get your mind off it, dear. You can discover an incredible new talent.

6. Chef's Day
Throw the first stone who never crossed an incredible recipe on the internet and wanted to try it at home? So, sis! Enjoy your free time and become a ~ masterchef ~ for a day. you can visit Theme Paradise to learn more and get more ideas.

7. Putting into practice a make-up tutorial
Whether you are a make-up expert or someone who doesn't have a lot of technique: on YouTube you can find tutorial options for all levels. And how to learn new makeup is not always an easy task (getting the result we want can take time, see?), It is good to enjoy this free time on vacation.

8. Discover a new artist on Spotify - or explore an old band that you never listened to
For sure, there must be a band or artist that you even know by name, but never stopped to listen to, although you die of curiosity. This is the time for you to go after them to find out if the sound is for you!

9. Stylist's Day
You don't have to be famous to have a styling day , girl. After all, you can be your own personal stylist! Take a day to think about different combinations with the clothes you already have in the closet. To inspire, it's always worth taking a look at the celebs' look and also on social networks like Insta or Pinterest!

10. Do a series marathon, obviously
We left this one last because this is already our favorite activity, right? But the truth is, when in doubt, it is always worth discovering a new series and watching the seasons at once!